Professional Philosophy

Established in 1991, the principals and associates of Blanchard Design Associates, Inc. bring together considerable experience and expertise in the areas of municipal engineering including pavement, waterline, sanitary, and storm sewer design, operation, and maintenance. The founding partners of Blanchard Design Associates, Inc., Mr. John T. Courtney, P.E. and Mr. W. Anthony Scanlon, P.S., have more than sixty years of combined experience. We are pleased to announce our newest partner, Mr. Kevin W. Fahy, P.E., who has over ten years of engineering and surveying experience, eight of those years being with our firm. Due to the nature of our experience, we have the unique ability to complete a project from the municipalities' point of view, taking into account not only the necessary design criteria, but operating and maintenance concerns as well.

Blanchard Design Associates, Inc. is and will remain small in comparison with many other design firms. We feel that this is the only way that we can give our clients' projects the personal attention that they deserve. You can be assured that the individuals that meet with you, converse with you on the phone, and attend your meetings are also the same professionals that design and follow your projects from the first meetings through completion of construction. Having made this decision, we understand that there may be times when it may be desirable to team with larger consulting firms on various items that may be beyond our immediate areas of expertise. Examples might be a water or wastewater plant design. This arrangement seems to work well for our clients as well as our design team members. Our clients retain a local point of contact for project administration, etc., while the larger firm is able to provide services at greater distances from their location, without having to maintain additional offices in order to provide adequate services.

Finally, due to our association with Courtney & Associates, Public Utility Consultants, we are able to offer excellent services in the areas of public utility planning, financing, and rate and feasibility studies. We find that on too many occasions, these very important areas of the design process are not given proper consideration. We take pride in giving our clients honest, objective, and straightforward advice.


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